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Providing Fast, Affordable PC & iPhone Repair Services

When you choose Griffin PC & iPhone Repair for your PC or iPhone repair, we have the technical know-how and aptitude to repair it. We provide computer and iPhone repair services at the best prices and best time frames. Since our customers mean everything to us, we constantly strive to develop and enhance our services and solutions in order to better meet their demands.

Our services include:

  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage
  • PC repair – virus/malware
  • Custom builds
  • Data migration
  • General PC assistance

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Virus/Malware Removal

Migration From On PC To Another

LCD Replacement

PC Repair

General PC Help

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Data Recovery

Laptop Repair

Screen Replacement

Custom Builds

Broken Hinges Or Shell Damage

Iphone Repair

Battery Replacement

Water Damage

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Are you looking for reliable PC & iPhone Repair Services? Griffin PC & iPhone Repair has a dedicated team of technicians to solve all your iPhone and PC problems instantly. It does not matter what sort of fault has stricken iPhone or PC; we can fix them all in no time!

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What People Thinking About Us?

David M. Martin

So thankful for John! Super nice guy and gets the job done well! My laptop screen broke and he fixed it to brand new. Would 1000% recommend going here rather than a big franchise company- he cares for each customer and does a great job.

Tigran Mamikonyan

Griffin did a very thorough job in fixing up my computer and very professionally as well. Not only did he tell me exactly what I needed, also told me what was happening and why it could be happening. I honestly think he gave me a more than fair price considering the amount of work that he did, would recommend him to anyone that needs help on computer repairs in particular.

Kane Rylander

A few days ago my computer would not turn on. As a college student, this is obviously bad news for me since I can't work without it and am already slammed with expenses for school. I brought it to the Geek Squad and they pointed out a bunch of things wrong with it that would have cost upwards of $1000 to fix (about what it is worth) and would take 2-3 months to get back to me. I then decided to bring it to Griffin PC & iPhone Repair to see if I could get the price any lower. He fixed it in a day and did it for free (I'm writing this review on my computer). He was very honest and said the only issue it had was with its battery which he just disconnected. I trust no one to look at my tech more than John.

Stephen Rose

I had a great experience with this company. They fixed my iPhone quickly and at a very affordable price 👍🏻♥️